The culture of silence is the driving force behind gender based violence in Africa. This culture is cultivated by culture, traditions and spiritual believes that require women not to speak out of their ordeals at home, school, places of work and public spaces. Due this culture the voice of women is missing in decision making, policies and legislations. Break The Silence is a project initiated by Association WELFARE in collaboration with other stakeholders to address GBV in the northern and central part of Togo.

The project target the most vulnerable groups e.g. single mother families, widows, dirvocees, single parent families, school girls, polygamous families and abandoned families. Women and girls are organized in gender clubs where they debate and speak out about their challenges. The main objective of the project is to break the culture of silence and enable women to enjoy their right of expression as provided in the constitution and various international human rights instruments.

Specific objectives include the reduction in the cases of GBV in schools and communities and mainstreaming of GBV issues in the national policy on gender, the national code of citizenship and the national framework for implementation of Agenda 2030. pHASE I of the project started in 2015 and will end in December 2018.

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